Additional services:

We Offer Emergency Deliveries For :

  Power Shutdowns

  •Power Outage

  •Freezer not Working

  •Refrigerator not working

Scheduled Power Shutdowns

We do all kinds of special events .

Storage Container Rentals.

We also have special accomodations and          reservations for former customers who want to be   covered during hurricanes.

1700 Latham rd west palm beach FL 33409 USA

→But wait ! There is more !

On halloween & Hurricanes we have extended hours 

Solid Blocks

• Cut Blocks 

• Special Cuts

• Pellets

• Nuggets

• Ice Cubes (20 Lb bags)

• Shipping Coolers (Different Sizes)

• On Time Deliveries 

Excellent knowledge about dry ice used for cold caps during cancer treatments.

What do we offer ?

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